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GEMINI’s Director Duo Serves McDonald’s a Menu of Options

Moroch client McDonald's created four new McMuffin flavors and wanted to test consumer interest in the product through a variety ...
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Hoffman Uses Motion Control to Create Magic for Sirloin Stockade

When Dallas-based Calise Partners sent storyboards for their client, Sirloin Stockade, to Noonday director Ben Hoffman, he pitched a way ...
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Noonday Pictures

Noonday was established by ML Nelson as a one-stop service for state-of-the-art product shooting. It has grown to listing clients in food, jewelry, sporting goods and, well, anybody that needs superb product shots – we do it.

“We deliver national-quality work. For less.”

And we do it out of our own 10,000-square-foot facility, with our own equipment, including motion control camera, and our proprietary new system called extreme revolution™, which delivers frame-by-frame time-lapse animation of 3D objects with precision you’ve never seen before. We deliver all of this to you with crew and staff that work with us day in and day out. Why is this important? We can do things that other production houses without their own

facilities and equipment can’t do for the same price. Our directors can test. They can innovate. And they can test some more – all before you ever step through our doors. In this way, they can deliver your vision and know it is going to work on the screen.

When you come to Noonday for a production, you get a facility, the staff and the extras we have learned to combine with value pricing to make shooting with us affordable. You also get professionals who know how to deliver on your concepts with production that is as beautiful and breathtaking as it is frugal.

Let us bid your next boards and show how much you can get under our roof. We don’t have oceans and mountains around us. But we will surround you with great talent. That’s what sets us apart from the rest.

Noonday Pictures StudioLocated in the Design District in Dallas, TX, this premier studio is one of the best in the U.S. Designed specifically for tabletop, it features two stages, a 1,275 sq. ft. commercial kitchen including multiple commercial refrigerators, freezers, standard and convection ovens, griddles, fryers, sinks and workstations. Noonday owns 2 motion control rigs and all grip/electric equipment specifically used for tabletop production. The prop storage area is 1,500 sq. ft. and the 1,800 sq. ft. client area has its own entrance, conference room, bathrooms, kitchen and workstations.

Know the Team

ML Nelson

“If I had it to do all over again, I would do exactly what I have chosen to do. I love it that much.”
View ML’s Reel

Someone asked me once why I became a commercial director. I was in the business school at TCU in Fort Worth. A friend of mine showed me a film project he had just worked on and a light went on for me. “This is what I want to do.”

After graduation, I moved into

shooting, editing, sound editing, and any job that put me near the camera and in the motion picture business. Soon I had Texas Dairy Queen asking me to shoot food for them, and before you knew it I was a tabletop director. I started my own company and never looked back.
Directing has been good to me. Twenty-five years in business has introduced me to many, many close friends. Clients, who once were skeptical that they could get national-caliber service and quality production in Texas, have come back dozens and dozens of times for more and more work. And that
speaks volumes about how we work at Noonday.

I love what I do. Capturing the beauty and visual impact of motion in the world of tabletop photography. Because of that, I put my whole heart into every project. My clients deserve nothing less.

Ben Hoffman

“There’s something magical about starting a day with a page of ideas and a group of people and a few hours later walking away with something beautiful.”
View Ben’s Reel

I was immediately at home and tried my hand at every job on the set eventually landing behind the camera. ML gave me full access to all the tools and toys in this incredible facility and as I learned my way around the business I
started to find my own style. As I worked in the broader production world it became clear to me how unique Noonday is: to have everything you need to produce great shots right at you fingertips. That doesn’t exist just anywhere.
Having all these tools has fostered a culture of experimentation. We love to test and play and push the envelope. This gives me the tools to work out some issues and creative options before the client even walks through the door.
I love film production. Maybe it’s because I come from a family of musicians that I love the collaborative nature of our business.

Cindy Velsor

Executive Producer
“After years of working in the commercial industry,
I continue to enjoy the process of how a project can begin simply
with one idea and, thanks to great teamwork, develop into
a complete story full of life.”

Since I was a child I was always fascinated with pictures and stories. I was driven to do something creative when I grew up. After graduating from UNT in Advertising Art, I thought “Here I come, world!” Then reality sank in and I realized how much I still had to learn. Thankfully,
I had the pleasure of meeting and working with some of the most creative people in the commercial advertising industry.
Getting to do something I love and working with people who feel the exact same way is like hitting the jackpot. And the jackpot is still
paying off today as I continue to work with amazing people. I enjoy the collaboration of working closely with many clients. Finding a way to learn what your goals are and bringing the best production team together so that we all achieve success is at the very basis of what we do.
I still haven’t quite grown up (and maybe never will), but I continue to enjoy the creative process of how a project can begin simply with one idea and, thanks to great teamwork, develop into a complete story full of life.

Christy Williams

Director of Marketing
“We can find a way to satisfy almost every budget
and every production problem presented to us and we do it beautifully.”

As Director of Marketing, my job is to update you with our new projects and new ways to efficiently and beautifully produce your commercial.

In fact, in 2014, Noonday launched GEMINI, Ben Hoffman and ML

Nelson, shooting tabletop simultaneously on two sets. We are more than doubling the number of shots you have come to expect from a 10-hour day with no downtime, and we are delivering gorgeous footage from spontaneous prep shots to
dramatically sweeping motion-control hero shots of food and packaging.

I have been doing this for years, but what sets Noonday, apart from anyone else is their passion for their craft. They come with

integrity, creativity, efficiency and awareness of the budget, and that it is an easy sell. So when our work shows up in your inbox, give it a look. You’ll be glad you did.

Julie Koellner

Remedy Reps
“My favorite thing about advertising is seeing the boards come to life.”

After spending several years in post-production, I was fortunate to meet many of the top talent in commercial advertising. This made for a natural transition into being an independent sales rep.

I love being around creative people. It gives me energy and inspires me! It’s fun to look at

boards and to help assemble the perfect team to nurture and enhance the creative’s vision. Seeing the finished product is the best, and it’s great when the journey to get there is fun and you’re working with people that inspire you. I am very excited to include a revolution in tabletop production, GEMINI CREATES, to my roster.
Working with two directors, Ben Hoffman and ML Nelson, simultaneously, the tabletop shoot process really gets turned up a notch! There is constant activity on a GEMINI set. Ben and ML are a great team and they bring thehighest level of creativity and expertise to every shoot.
Projects enjoy efficiencies working with two directors while they share the studio, crew and other resources. The GEMINI studio is impressive…it’s huge, but also very comfortable for clients. Cindy is a fantastic producer who really knows her stuff.




Located in the Design District in Dallas, TX, this premier 10,000-square-foot studio is one of the best in the U.S. Designed specifically for tabletop, it features studios A & B, wrapped around two commercial kitchens with easy dock access. The studio has its own motion control system, grip/electric equipment, and SFX rigs specifically used for tabletop production. The prop inventory is extensive and the client area has its own entrance, conference room and kitchen.



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Cindy Velsor
Executive Producer

Christy Williams
Director of Marketing

Julie Koellner
Remedy Reps

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