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Noonday Pictures

We could talk about credentials and how Noonday has been a leader in tabletop production for 23+ years. Or, that their food photography inspired the phrase, “That dish looks as tempting as the less criminal forms of sin.” It’s worth mentioning too that Noonday operates out of its own 10,000-square-foot facility and was the first to bring motion control to the Southwest.
But what really defines Noonday is the ability to employ equal parts creativity, technology and sweat equity into continuously perfecting their craft. Our people are dreamers, thinkers, innovators, collaborators and problem solvers. And they bring every weapon in their arsenal to the table to ensure a final product that’s impossible to resist.

Know the Team

Ben Hoffman


Ben Hoffman will be the first to tell you that there’s something magical about starting each day with a page of ideas, collaborating with a group of talented people and then, only a few hours later, walking away with something beautiful. His is a true success story, working in any capacity he could on shooting crews until ultimately earning recognition for his keen eye and storytelling abilities. Today, in addition to helming some of Noonday’s most tantalizing tabletop work, he also captures the story behind the product in the words of the people who created them.

View Ben’s Reel

Michael O

Mr. Mobot/Wizard

Imagine the perfect coffee pour. The rich dark, steamy liquid cascading in slow motion from the pot towards its unseen destination. Suddenly, the camera races past the flowing liquid down to its receptacle – a logoed cup – all sharply in focus, all in one shot. His name is Michael O, and he is the creator and director of Mobot™, the only robotic motion control system of its kind in the Southwest. And the only one capable of such wizardry. With apologies to Captain Kirk, Michael O takes motion control to where it has never gone before. Which gives you carte blanche to go there too.

View Michael O’s Reel

ML Nelson

Tabletop Titan, Director of the NoondayPlus Division

Viewing ML Nelson’s food photography has been known to trigger Pavlovian reactions in humans. But take away the sublime intoxication of the images he captures, and what people are really drooling over is the well-oiled production machine he directs. As the Director of NoondayPlus division, ML leads a talented team of directors and crew that shoot simultaneously on two sets. Working in tandem, the Noonday team can deliver all the national quality tabletop footage you can imagine in half the time. So when it’s time to break for the day, it’s actually still day. Imagine that.

View ML’s Reel

Josh Blaylock

Still Photographer

Josh’s relationship with photography began in Hollywood where he spent over eight years in front of the camera – even landing a scene in the academy award winning film “No Country For Old Men” – but he found his true love when he stepped behind the camera. With a keen eye for composition, and a deep understanding of lighting, Josh knows how to take a concept and bring it to life. He has a reputation for creating a relaxed atmosphere on set that lets the creativity flow, while directing the production to the final goal of creating eye catching images and delivering above and beyond expectations.

View Josh’s Portfolio

Cindy Velsor

Executive Producer

Christy Williams

Director of Marketing

Julie Koellner

Remedy Reps




Whoever said size doesn’t matter hasn’t visited the Noonday Pictures studio. This 10,000 square-foot-facility is equipped with two stages, two motion control rigs, Mobot™ and a commercial kitchen that puts many restaurants to shame. The 1,800 square-foot client area alone dwarfs some East Coast studios and features a private conference room, bathrooms, kitchen and multiple workstations.



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Our Location
1311 Manufacturing Street, Dallas, Texas 75207

Cindy Velsor
Executive Producer

Christy Williams
Director of Marketing

Julie Koellner
Remedy Reps

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