Eat With Our Eyes

Ross Ching, Director, DP

Dallas-based ad agency Slingshot’s new campaign direction for Taco Bueno was to craft the food shots and featured products in a fresh, organic way by shooting the food in a style similar to social recipe channels.

Director/DP Ross Ching, a huge fan of this style of shooting, says “before we ever eat with our mouths, we eat with our eyes.”

Noonday brings the MOBOT

Michael O, Director, DP

Just when you thought Noonday Pictures’ tabletop work could not get any more delectable, along some something new to drool over. Introducing Mobot, a high-speed robotic motion control system that is taking tabletop to a whole new level of wow. The brainchild of editor, director, mad scientist and new Noonday co-hort Michael O., Mobot takes motion control to where it has never gone before. Click on the button above to view his demo and prepare to be wowed.

About Michael O.

Michael O began his career at Paramount and Columbia Studios in LA. Eventually he graduated to editing and director commercials, doing work for Nike, Lexus, and Pepsi to mention a few. According to Michael, “I was very impressed by the work Marmalade in Germany was doing with their modified industrial robot so, having an engineering background, I decided to build my own.”

MOBOT Flies through saucy wings execution

Michael O, Director, DP

MOBOT – designed, built and operated by Michael O – executes extremely dramatic in-camera shots with this tabletop demo showcasing flavors of Buffalo Wild Wings Sauces.