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Cindy Velsor - Executive Producer


Julie Koellner - Sales Rep


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What defines Noonday is the ability to employ equal parts creativity, technology and sweat equity into continuously perfecting their craft. Our people are dreamers, thinkers, innovators, collaborators and problem solvers. And they bring every weapon in their arsenal to the table to ensure a final product that’s impossible to resist.

Whoever said size doesn't matter hasn't visited Noonday Pictures. This 10,000 square-foot facility is equipped with two stages, two commercial kitchens, two motion control rigs, Mobot™ and the client area alone dwarfs most East Coast studios.


Christy Williams - Dir of Marketing

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ML Nelson - Tabletop Titan / Owner

     1315 Manufacturing St.           Dallas,TX 75207

    1315 Manufacturing St.           Dallas,TX 75207