Get to know our directors...


Josh Blaylock 

Josh’s relationship with photography began in Hollywood where he spent over eight years in front of the camera – even landing a scene in the academy award winning film “No Country For Old Men” – but he found his true love when he stepped behind the camera. With a keen eye for composition, and a deep understanding of lighting, Josh knows how to take a concept and bring it to life. He has a reputation for creating a relaxed atmosphere on set that lets the creativity flow, while directing the production to the final goal of creating eye catching images and delivering above and beyond expectations.

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Ross Ching

You might notice that a lot of his work is weird and out of the ordinary, but he likes to think that’s one of the things that has let his work stand out amongst the crowd. Here are some fun things to know about him: He has an awesome dog named Luma, after the luminance curves that get adjusted when coloring a video,  he used to run track and could run 1/4 mile in 52 seconds, he thinks the internet has taught him more about life than any amount of school ever will, he dislikes weak spoons, because whenever he scoops ice cream they bend and lastly he can rip a phone book in half.

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Rob Fiocca

Toronto based director / photographer Rob Fiocca has an exceptional eye for beauty. As one of the most sought after food and product directors/photographers, he has established himself as a well-respected artist on the leading edge of the commercial industry. As a director, Rob applies his mastery of light and texture to memorable spots for clients such as McDonald’s, Kraft, Nestle and Kellogg’s. His appreciation for the story of food and the poetry within the details has made this medium a natural translation of his unique vision.


Michael O


Imagine the perfect coffee pour. The rich dark, steamy liquid cascading in slow motion from the pot towards its unseen destination. Suddenly, the camera races past the flowing liquid down to its receptacle – a logoed cup – all sharply in focus, all in one shot. His name is Michael O, and he is the creator and director of MOBOT™, a robotic motion control system that captures beautiful detailed product imagery like no other. Michael O takes motion control to where it has never gone before and now you have have an exclusive invitation to go there too.           


Billy Velten

Having worked in many genres of filmmaking including feature films, documentaries and commercials, Billy was exposed to the world of tabletop and soon found it to be his true love. And thanks to his background, Billy is a director who actually knows lighting. “The world of food photography becomes magical when we look through the macro lenses to get those mouthwatering close-ups…I like to balance those with interesting prep shots that tell the back story and then finish with a nice presentation that becomes a feast for the eyes. This keeps the viewer engaged and communicates at a deep primal level that makes people want to get off the couch and buy what we have featured."                             

     1315 Manufacturing St.        Dallas, Texas 75207

    1315 Manufacturing St.        Dallas, Texas 75207